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Rodents Control in Juhu

Rodents Control in Juhu

Pest Control Juhu Services offers one of the best rodent control services in Juhu. Our affordable Rodent pest control services are unmatched, we can help you get rid of rodents efficiently, by using advanced in house technology that is compliant with the International Food Safety standards. We offer complete eco-friendly solutions. The products and techniques used by us are 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.Fill up any cracks or holes through which they can enter your house. Don’t keep uncovered food out in the open, this attracts them to your house. Set traps and baits at places frequently visited by the rodents. Contact professional rodent control services company in case of any rodent problem on your premises. At Pest Control Juhu, we apply the principles of Integrated Pest Management for controlling the rodent’s menace.

Our efficient team carries out a methodical study of the rats on the premises to ensure effective rodent control. Our teams are trained by showing them audio-visual material, conducting classroom sessions and giving live on-site training. We ensure that we use the latest and the most effective technology for controlling the rodent menace.We use a new innovative trap for catching the rats and the rodents. The trap is a strong piece of a sheet that is covered with glue. A small spot for the bait is left in the middle of the sheet, to attract the rat to climb on to the rattrap.As part of our rodent removal program, we use completely non-toxic products and approved glue boards. Our technology ensures that we achieve a 100% success rate in capturing the rat. The glue boards are strong and can easily trap a huge sized rat without giving it a chance to escape.

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